Tesoro del Oeste

The raicilla is a liquid with aroma and flavor derived from the maguey species used and the elaboration process, diversifying its qualities by the type of soil, topography, climate, water, producer (master raicillero), alcoholic graduation, yeasts, among others. factors that define the character and the organoleptic sensations produced by each Raicilla.


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Step 1


It is extracted from a class of agave known as lechuguilla. (Agave maximiliana haw) To take advantage of this plant, a waiting period of 8 to 20 years is required on some occasions; in what reaches the stage of maturity. After that time, the quiote - flower, in other words - and the leaves are cut off.

Step 2


It is then cooked in a bread-type masonry oven with a front door to introduce firewood and another raised rear door to introduce the heart of the lechuguilla into it. It is sealed with clay and the agave is left to cook for 72 hours, then the oven is opened.

Step 3


When the heart is already cooked, it is removed from the oven and pounded with a mallet into a piece of wood in the shape of a canoe, so that it is then deposited in the wooden vats and the fermentation process continues.

Step 4


There it remains in our fermentation room for 5 to 8 days, depending on the ambient temperature, awaiting fermentation. This is the most important process because this is where the organoleptic properties of the raicilla are formed, where the magic happens and with the help of microorganisms begins the transformation of sugar into alcohol.

Step 5


With the help of our stainless steel and copper coil distillers, the separation of unwanted alcohols such as methanol and some higher alcohols takes place. Very important to the slow fire with oak wood (collected from naturally dry trees) the result is a crystalline product, more transparent than water and with more than 45 degrees of alcohol.

Step 6


Before bottling, we let it mature for a few weeks in glass to allow time for the formation of its body and the settlement of aromas and flavors, after which a filtration is carried out to eliminate all unwanted impurities and finally it is placed in its sealed bottles. warranty.