Tesoro del Oeste

The raicilla is a liquid with aroma and flavor derived from the maguey species used and the elaboration process, diversifying its qualities by the type of soil, topography, climate, water, producer (master raicillero), alcoholic graduation, yeasts, among others. factors that define the character and the organoleptic sensations produced by each Raicilla.


El Tesoro del Oeste

Como se toma la raicilla

How to drink La Raicilla Artesanal

Raicilla Artesanal, like mezcal, is drunk "a besitos", that is, in small sips. You can use the famous caballitos or a small glass like a cognac glass. We always recommend trying artisanal raicilla alone and cold to get to know it and then use it in mixology, since it is so friendly that it can be combined with multiple flavors such as fruits, herbs and flowers. The great thing is that the raicilla will keep its unique and special character.

Trago preparado

Here are 3 very tasty cocktails to prepare at home:

"RED BERRIES RAICILLA" is very simple since, as its name indicates: "It has strawberries and blueberries. In addition to half of a peach, a few drops of lemon and, also, an ounce of raicilla.

Raicilla frutos rojos

"FRESH CHILI RAICILLA" it contains the juice of half a grapefruit, a chipotle chile syrup (it can also be poblano) and poblano chile and an ounce of white raicilla. To garnish: two basil leaves, a piece of jicama and ice cubes.

Raicilla al chile fresco

"PRIETONI" is the replacement of the traditional NEGRONI cocktail and you simply replace the Gin with the raicilla.


In short, the great versatility of artisanal raicilla in the best bars has allowed its fame to spread little by little to more palates and all over the world.